Frequently Asked questions:

I was asked to count my windows for a quote over the phone. What constitutes a window?

A window is defined as any pane of glass enclosed in frame work. Because we clean each “window” separately, we count each pane of glass as a window. You may have 1 window frame that has 2 or more panes of glass within that one frame. So when providing details on your window count, please count each individual pane of glass that you would like us to clean.
Example: Double hung window. Although 1 frame, there are 2 windows in that frame.

How much will my window cleaning cost?

Your price is made up by a few factors. The chart on the home page will give you a ballpark idea of what pricing you are looking at. The number of panes, the size of panes, whether your panes can be reached from the ground or if we need to use ladders all play a role in your final pricing. We may have two homes with the same pane count, but two different prices due to these factors. So when looking for an over the phone quote, please be as specific as possible so we can accurately provide you a quote. Your quote may be adjusted once we arrive, but we will always provide you with your final price before we commence service.

It’s supposed to rain. Will the rain affect my windows? Will I have to reschedule?

Dirty windows are caused by wind moving dust/pollen/salt /vehicle exhaust etc, and those pollutants coming to rest on your glass, not because your windows get wet. Once your windows are clean, they will stay clean for a good amount of time, as the water from the rain will run off and evaporate, and because your windows are clean, there will be no spots left on your glass. So you can be assured your window cleaning was not in vain if it is raining, or supposed to rain in the near future. We can work in a light rain, but more due to safety issue (especially the risk of thunder/lightening!), we may have to reschedule your appointment for a day that is more workable. We will notify you if we need to reschedule, but unfortunately it may not be until the day your windows are scheduled since as we all know, the weatherman is not always correct in his/her predictions!

My window cleaning was postponed due to weather. Can I expect you to come tomorrow?

If we happen to have to reschedule your appointment, we will contact you with the next available date we can fit you back in. Due to the fact that we have a large number of customers in various parts of the city, we have to schedule you in without disrupting our other clients with schedules that follow your cleaning. We will make every effort to reschedule you back in a timely manner.

Do I need to be home to complete the window cleaning?

If you are having your exterior only completed, you do not necessarily have to be home. We do ask though that you remove your screens (unlock your sliding patio screen door if applicable) so that we can clean the panes of glass behind the screens. Most screens are designed to be removed from the interior as a safety feature, and although some screens can be removed from the exterior, we do not want to take the risk of damaging your screens. If you are having both interior and the exterior cleaned, we will need somebody to be home, or access negotiated with us prior to us arriving.

How should I prepare for my Window Cleaning?

In order to clean your windows effectively and efficiently, our workers will need easy access to your panes. We ask that you create a clear path for our workers prior to us arriving, and clear any pictures/trophies/plants/paperwork etc. from your window ledges as well as remove any window hangings. This is to prevent any damage on our part, and to be able to work in an efficient manner. For the exterior, we ask that you do a walk around the premises as well to be sure there would be nothing in the way to obstruct our workers. Although most windows can be completed with the variety of tools we have, if a pane of glass is obstructed by shrubs/trees or any other object that would make cleaning the window unsafe, it will be noted on your work order, and that pane will not be cleaned.

I can get it cheaper. Let’s haggle!

Unfortunately, that is not how we do business. We recognize there are always cheaper options but we have come up with a pricing scheme that works for us and that has our loyal customers calling back! You may find cheaper, but we strive to meet and exceed your expectations to support our stand that you will not find better!

What is your process for cleaning my windows?

We have a few processes that are designed to get your windows looking their best. The standard “hand cleaning” starts with a soft scrubber called strip washer, combined with a window cleaning solution which is specifically designed to remove dirt/grime/fingerprints/bug+bird droppings. Your windows are then either squeegeed by hand or with an extension pole producing streak-free glass every time. Another method of cleaning is by water fed brush, in which soft nylon bristles are used to gently scrub away the dirt, and rinsed with purified water to leave a spotless window. The method of cleaning will be up to the worker’s discretion at the time as to what they feel will produce the best outcome for your home. These methods are designed to remove general grime/dirt and other pollutants on your glass. Debris that requires scraping such as mortar/caulking/paint etc to be removed and are not included in a general clean. You will have to contact us beforehand to advise if your windows require scraping, and your pricing will need to be adjusted.

Are you covered? Is my property safe?

We carry a minimum coverage of $2,000,000 liability insurance to make sure you are covered by any damage that may happen. We are diligent to work carefully in your home and to protect your valuable things. To date, we have not had an insurance claim for damage/theft or the like. We recognize accidents can happen, and if they ever do you can set your mind at ease that you and your property are covered. We also are WSIB compliant so that not only you but our workers are covered on the chance of any mishap.

What methods of payment are available?

We currently accept payment by cash, cheque, credit card or e-transfer.